it starts always in brain....
2005-09-26 - 2005-10-14

in 18 days starts the airplane from frankfurt(germany) to aukland (new zeeland). passing asia and autralia, flying over unbelivable countrysides, people-so near but also far away. with other cultures other thinking and being. lifestile in all variants. i want to get to know all. visit so many parts of the world...                                                                  and i beginn with this trip at the other side. i am exciting for the new impressions!

and with one laughing and one weeping eye, iam looking in the futur and in the past. but this is the feeling now. and  you are right pascale, we are living just in present. in the moment when there is no way back, counts (just) the actuall feeling.    

yehhaaa letīs start, taking all atventures with me.feet by feet through this world.