Author: Rachel Kalf
Date: Monday, April 28th 2008
Source: http://www.lostonearth.net/journal.php?TID=2&JID=793

Horrible Levin

Hi Everyone!!

Two weeks ago I thought I'd go away for the weekend. And I chose to go to a place called Levin. According to the lonely planet there would be a nice lake nearby, so I thought, that it would be great! Just going kayaking or something like that. However when I got to the information centre in Levin it turned out there was absolutely nothing to do, the nearest thing I could go to was 10 kms away! Luckily the woman at the desk was really helpfull and eventually I booked a bus to Paraparaumu, where they at least had a hostel. Now I had only 7 hours to fill until the bus came!
I decided to walk up to the lake anyway, though the weather was not really nice (a bit dreary). It was a nice walk up to the lake. Once I got there I found that there were a bunch of cars parked on the parking lot, a couple of spaces from each other. And each car had 2 people in them...and none came out...I don't know what they were doing in there...and I don't think I'd like to find out! So I sat at a picknick table and read my book....shivering...Eventually I went back to the busstation, by the time I got back the sun had finally broken through and I could sit quit relaxed on the bench waiting. When I finally arrived in Paraparaumu I was picked up by the hostel owner, which was great, because otherwise I'd have to walk 8 kms. It was a great hostel, really nice people and I met a nice couple with whome I spend the entire evening talking. The next morning I went for a walk on the beach and I got myself a big breakfast (as I hadn't thought of brining food along), which really was big! But very nice. In the midday I got a ride back to Petone, which was great! :) It was nice to be back home and just relax and read my book.

xxx Rachel