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Adventure: 2011 - (Un)beaten trails
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Daisy wrote on May 1st, 2016 at 20:49:39 (UTC) :
I also just heard about you blogging and think the information is great. Is it good to let an agent know you have more (actually several more) than one manuscript completed? And if so, should the author try to guess which one the agent will like best or the one the author thinks is best? I have two novels by the way with settings in Italy, I think I will check into going to the conference there the next time they have it.Thanks,Johnny Ranwhw.sirjowy.org
ELe wrote on December 26th, 2014 at 16:54:21 (UTC) :
Max, you know I like what you and Stacy have to say on issues, but this time you lost me. Your cmetonms on musicians were pure and utter bullshit. Are you a frustrated, failed musician perhaps?I’ve been playing guitar for 35 years. I know quite a bit about the music industry. The average musician makes around $35k. Max, is that too much? Give me a fucking break. Who the fuck wants to live on $35k a year? Apparently you aren’t aware of how poor the average musician is. It's only top 7% that make all that money.And no, Max, musicians aren’t as dumb as you try to make them out to be. Most musicians are aware that when they pluck a string, causing it to vibrate, creating a sound which then combines with other sounds to create chords and melodies, and do this respectively along with others in a group, they are not actually making something completely original. Musicians aren't dumb. They are aware that they are building on an art form that has a history longer than mankind itself. The key that you are missing is that when they do it, they do it WELL.The difference between a good musician and an average on is absolutely monstrous. A musician truly reaches the pinnacle of their art form by invoking new and very stylish musical FORMS, taking into account the nuances of social, political and fashion issues of the times. Good musicians also need to be VERY creative in order to stand out, not just a little. They need to figure out how to project their ideas while making it accessible by their audience. They need to be proficient in their instruments, and the technology that helps them make their music. They need to have presence and personality, skill and expression. None of those things are new either, but without them the musician won’t succeed. They deserve every penny they get for making all of this happen for their fans.Of course there are rock stars that are extremely egotistical! That’s part of the reason why they become famous! That's part of the concept of rock music! Buddy Holly had balls. Mick Jagger has balls. It's a normal aspect of most successful music that the artist has a strong sense of expression. Artists like to get up on stage and act up, and audiences in turn – enjoy watching that lack of inhibition. It’s part of the entertainment. Musicians get paid for it. Simple.As far as nothing being new in music, well try a world where no new groups are coming out. It’s been getting that way more and more over time, partly because musicians have been getting screwed more and more over time. Your stupid diatribe about copyright and greedy musicians ain’t helping.
Dot wrote on July 3rd, 2012 at 01:46:11 (UTC) :
Awesome photo's. You two have had lots of adventures, hopefully you will have lots more to experience. Graeme & Dot