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peacejoylove December 22, 2012 12:50 pm Walking in the cool brisk air on Christmas with my scarf wrapped tight anroud my ears. Looking into the eyes of my child, who is now a lady and being grateful and blessed for our moments shared. Getting away from the noise that is the commercial Christmas and tuning out the seasonal songs, that are not good; concentrating on the ones that bring quiet and peace to the soul.
By: Vengadesh
Date/time: December 26th '14, 13:02:24 (UTC)
Response to photoalbum: Oostenrijk 2003
Hee man,

Toffe fotos en leuk dat je ook gebruik maakt van me website! waarom ben je nooit meer op school?

By: hey Gaaro
City/Country: Beverwijk, The netherlands
Date/time: December 1st '03, 13:37:47 (UTC)
Hi Harro,

Welcome to the project. We are happy to read your traveling journals and see some beautifull and funny photos.

Enjoy and keep up following your dreams!
By: Administrator
City/Country: On the road, heading south...
Date/time: December 1st '03, 15:45:50 (UTC)
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