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Too many copmmilents too little space, thanks!
By: Bobby
Date/time: May 2nd '16, 03:15:11 (UTC)
Response to journal:
Hi Mira 1this is me Karolina from Poland.We met in vienna last week.We forgot to exchange e mails but i'd love to stay in touch so if u get that message please let me know at

take care crazy girl!
By: Karolina miedzianowska
City/Country: Poland
Date/time: May 11th '07, 15:17:43 (UTC)
Hi mira,

Welcome to the project. We are happy to read about your travels and see some beautifull and funny photos.

Enjoy and keep up following your dreams!
By: Administrator
City/Country: On the road, heading south...
Date/time: September 26th '05, 15:20:44 (UTC)
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