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Yesss, back to London again for three days that weekend, to meet up with David, Kerstin, Max and Ludwig to do some serious clubbing!!

That friday I received my driver's license and just felt like a GOOD party again, and what better place to celebrate than London. Ok, I heard from David he was going to London and Max and Ludwig were already there so in my mind I was already in London drinking a pint.

Man, when I arrived at Studios again there, everything was the same.. It was like I was there yesterday; It was good to see you guys again! Also met the new interns...not bad  ;)

That night I went out with Kerstin and Ron to 'Frog'. On sunday with David to the 'Storm' club on Leicester square drinking a whole lotta whiskey-coke again....ei man, nice girls there, and the funny turkish guys whoahahhah, throwing up in the toilet  whooaah ...and gzus christ, three pound fifty for a beer!! And on monday evening going out with Ludwig and Kerstin to a pub first and yet to another club, was pretty late... Only slept for 3 hours; left by tube with some alcohol in my blood  :)   ...London rules!

Had some good times, we'll definitely keep in touch guys!

'till next time,


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