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Hi everyone,

this weekend we had an extra day off, so I went and did part of the Queen Charlotte Track. I got the ferry friday morning at 8.00, so I had to get up at 5.30 to be on time. It was a lovely day, so I had great views from the ferry. Once I arrived in Picton I got the watertaxi to drop me off at Ship Cove, from where the track starts. It was about 14.30 when I finally arrived there, before I set of to do the Queen Charlotte Track I went and walked up to the waterfall at Ship Cove, which was a nice short walk to do as starters. Afterwards I set of for Resolution Bay Cabins where I would spend my first night in a dorm. Here I met my only roommate Manon, from Belgium. We had a lot of fun that evening, we went out to the jetty and laid down to watch the stars. We were more busy talking than looking up :)

The next day I set off together with Manon, as we thought it would be nice to walk together (as long as we didn't walk at a totally different pace). We had about 24 kms to go that day. Halfway through we went to Furneaux Lodge, where they have a bar. Here we sat and had our lunch together with a nice cold drink! The last hour walking was a bit difficult, as my feet begun to hurt a bit :) But it was a lovely walk, and we were lucky the weather was holding up. Tonight I went camping, while Manon had arranged for a bunkbed. I was a bit worried about camping all alone, as I've never put the tent together on my own...I've always had help...but luckily I'm not that terrible and I had the tent up in 20 minutes! I was so happy!!! Afterwards I went to have a drink with Manon at the bar from the resort she was staying at. I had a wonderfull 10 dollar beer, which I thought I really deserved :) I went back to my tent before it went dark, as I didn't like walking through the bush at dark. I didn't have a cooker, so I had a diner of crackers and cheese.

Sunday I had to wake up bright and early, as the watertaxi would come to pick me up at 16.00 from Torea Bay, which was 25 kms away. I was a bit afraid I wouldn't make it, so I left camp at 7.30 in the morning. I didn't even dare to take to  long breaks, as I was terrified I would be to late. It turned out that I was two hours early! It wasn't a real nice day, it was cloudy, misty and raining on and off. A couple of french people were doing the same path I was today, and we kept passing each other (which was really annoying). There were not many other people on the track today, which I didn't really mind. I was lucky that there was a shelter at the jetty, as it was still raining...and it was nice to sit down after that distance. Once back in Picton I treated myself on a nice diner.

The ferry back to Wellington was not much fun, there were a lot of people and I was feeling really tired. Eventually I slept a bit on the couch, by leaning on my bag. I was a bit worried, as the ferry was running late, and I might miss the last train back to Petone because of that. Luckily I was just in time to catch the last on! I had decided to take a cab back from the Petone station to home, however there were none to be found when I arrived. So I just went out for a walk again. Once home I really just wanted a nice shower and my bed!!!
I had become a little ill on the boat, which didn't go away once I got off...and monday morning I still wasn't well, so I stayed home. It's probably from the water I drunk, as halfway through Sunday you could top up your bottle, but it turned out to be water that had to be boiled or filtered (neither of which I could do). So I just filled up my bottle, as otherwise I wouldn't have enough.

Liefs, Rachel

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