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Hi everyone!!

I just finished my third week of my intern and it is really going great. Just a couple of days of data entry and then I can finally begin with the fun work! :) Luckily I have nice colleges, so it's not that bad here. And we have nice breaks :)

This week I've been to a conference on diabetes (and overweight and coronary heart disease), which was great fun. I learned a lot! We had drinks as a welcome on sunday evening, after a Maori opening. This means a lot of singing and dancing, which was wonderful to see!! And I finally tasted Tui and Speights...both are not that bad :) Monday was the first day of the conference and all day you just sit and listen to people talking on different subjects. We did have nice lunches though...and we could get freebees!!! So now I've got a fake kidney, tons of pencils and other crap. Tuesday and wednesday we also had seminars, but on tuesday we also had a party at the te Papa museum, which was wonderful. Before the party I had salsa class (I thought it would be a good way to meet people), so my feet were horribly sore. Luckily in NZ nobody looks funny when you wear no shoes!! We had a lovely diner there (mine mainly consisted of sushi) and of course loads of wine..... Afterwards we went to a bar for a drink with a couple of people, which was fun again. But I was really glad to be home and finally go to sleep. I could stay at Donia's place, as she lives in Wellington. Tuesday my legs and my head were a bit sleepy.....and I even almost fell asleep in one of the seminars!

Further I haven't done much else yet. I've been to Wellington a couple of times, I've been to a vegetable and fruit market. It's really expensive in the supermarket, but on the market it's not so I'll probably go more often! Today I went with the train for the first time....which was quit nice.

Hope you guys are having fun in NL!!

xxx Rachel

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