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hey people,
this is my last update! i can't believe i'm flying home later today and tomorrow i'll be back in cold holland! i figured i should write my last update while still in, here i am writing you from vietnam's capital...spent about a month in vietnam and have had a great time. mixed experiences and feelings, but overall it was wonderful. i started in ho chi minh city at the beginning of march - a crazy city with unbelievable traffic, i don't think i've ever seen so many scooters together in one city in my life! every time it got on the back of one, i seriously thought that i was gonna die :)!! it was a nice city with enough museums and other things to see. went to the war remnants museum and learned a bit more about the war and the role of the americans. in ho chi minh city i could book an open bus ticket which would take me all the way up north to hanoi for only 16 dollars, so that's what i did...
my next stop was dalat, known as 'le petite paris', because there is a little eiffel tower there (it's actually a telecommunications post, but it has lights which light up at night, kinda cute). had one day in dalat of non-stop rain and it was cold! was reminded of home :). the next day went out for the day with an 'easyrider', which are guides on motorbikes, and he took me around dalat. i loved it! then he started talking about that he also does several day trips and told me that i would see the real vietnam...tourists mainly do the eastcoast and only go to the places where the open bus tour goes, so i was very was expensive, though, so i was doubting....but i did it!!! and it was really the highlight of my trip in vietnam. we did 900 km in 5 days, from dalat to hoi an, through vietnam's central highlands. it was such an amazing feeling to be on the back of that bike, driving through the mountains, seeing beautiful views, eating yummie mango's and not seeing any tourists. along the road, all the kids would wave franticly and scream 'hello'! it was great. visited some minority villages where they never see westerners, so still very authentic. the people there would touch my skin and feel my hair, it was so funny!! it was a wonderful 5 days.
then i arrived in hoi an, a cute little riverside town known for its can get all sorts of clothes made, tailored especially to your body, very i went a little crazy and had some coats made, a suit for my wonderful future job :) and some silk tops....the town was adorable and had a nice beach. from here went to hue, but nothing really special here. afterwards, took a 12-hour busride to hanoi, vietnam's capital. great city, like it better than ho chi minh city. still the chaotic traffic, but for some reason on a different and smaller scale. cute little shops everywhere and everywhere are ladies just sitting around on the street selling vegetables, meat and many other strange things you can't imagine!! i met a dutch couple in hue with whom i travelled during my last week and a half. went on a trip to sapa (beautiful mountains up north) with them and had a wonderful time trekking through the mountains and seeing women with beautiful dresses. also went to a market in bac ha, close to sapa, which was incredible. puppies being weighed to be sold and eaten, tobacco smoking and lotsa other things going on. also went to halong bay, a beautiful bay with hundreds of limestone cliffs. back in hanoi now, where the people are somewhat annoying, only after a quick buck. but i'm coming home, have mixed feelings about it, but definitely looking forward to it! some of you i'll see tomorrow at the airport, others, see you soon!!! missed you all!!!
lotsa love,

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