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Anneke's first motorbike lesson
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We are currently staying with the Lions family on Wambiana cattle station, over 3 hours inland from Townsville on the Australian East Coast.

We work hard, but the reward is so much worth it. We muster cattle, eat lots of beef. We bake cookies and cakes and eat lots of them. We tidy the gardens and in the afternoon relax in them.
The family is very friendly and takes good care of us.

We thought we might lose a few kilos whilst being on the farm, but the food is so good and comes in large (very large) portions so I think we extually will gain a few ;)

This afternoon, I thought Anneke how to drive a motorbike! Check it out by clicking on the movie icon.
Anneke will write lots more next week and will tell you all about our adventure here on Wambiana station.
Adventure: 2011 - (Un)beaten trails
Location, country: Wambiana station, Queensland,  Australia
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Rakesh wrote on June 14th, 2015 at 16:13:49 (UTC) :
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for choosing me in your top three! You have relaly made my day! **Squeal** Looking forward to joining in with the challenges in 2012! Happy new year to you all! Thanks once again xxxx
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