The first time I went on a holiday without my parents was in 1997. Me and a good friend went backpacking through England. Ever since this first trip Iíve been documenting the culture, nature and people of the countries I passed through. In 2000 I had my first across the world adventure. Together with a friend, I went to New-Zealand for about 6 months. It didnít take long for me to learn it was hard to keep in touch with friends and family back home. It was not only important to me to be able to share my experience and adventures with them, I also wanted to be able to remember the wonderfull memories and experiences I had there. For all life is an adventure, let us not forget the things we behold in life. Hence the idea for lostonearth was born, for lostonearth gives everyone the chance to have a taste of anothers adventure and anothers way of life. It did take quite some time to put this idea into motion, but as you can now see more and more people are using this site to let others know about the great adventures they have.